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Posted May 14, 2018 | Hits : 80


Type (breeding):   Registered
Breed (cattle):   Water Buffalo
Sex:   Female
Online Contact Name:   Steven Mitchell
Online Contact Phone Number:   07789865575
Online Contact Email:   steve@thebuffalofarm.co.uk
Website:   www.thebuffalofarm.co.uk


Up to 40 well tempered heifers in calf to a very good Dutch bull selected for high milk yield and quality as well as good beef attributes. £1250 each.
As well as unrelated breeding bulls- price on request
We would happily discuss any potential partnership where we would agree to buy back finished animals or a butchery agreement for successful buyers.
Anyone looking for more information on keeping Buffalo please get in touch. Feel free to call Steve on 07789865575 for more information.
Regularly asked questions -:
* They can't be cross bred with normal cattle.
* They can co habit with normal cattle.
* They do not suffer from Pneumonia, but other than that are quite similar in terms of health to cattle.
* Fantastic longevity and calving and mothering skills, very self sufficient.
* We recommend a standard electric fence as being ideal for buffalo, but standard Rylock is sufficient. Wooden gates and fencing is not recommended as buffalo tend to scratch on it.