ShearCordless Clipper MK2


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01874 636455

Posted Jan 10, 2019 | Hits : 89


Online Contact Phone Number:   01874 636455


New&Improved Includes 3 Batteries
Ideal for dagging/tailing, Suitable for shearing small flocks&clipping cattle, Beautifully balanced and 100% safe to use in all weather conditions,
Same weight as a standard handpiece, Boasts a 4000 mah lithium
battery, Run time approx 1 hour / Charge time approx 2 hours, 12v - 180w - 2500spm - 1.35kg, Clipping comes in a handy aluminium carry
case complete with: 3 x Batteries, Charging unit, 1 x
Set of blades, Comb protector, Screwdriver&Brush
Supplied by Welsh Shearing Equipment Ltd,
Salem Chapel, Sennybridge, Brecon LD3 8RS
01874 636455