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WN5 8QE, Lancashire


Posted 4 days ago  to Geese
HG3 4AU, North Yorkshire

Brown hybrid point of lay pullets for sale.  Tel: 078507 68673

Posted 12 days ago  to Hens
cw5 7np, Cheshire

Blue and Green egg laying Hybrids, Available from CMP, Tel: 07946 761435 Creag-MhorPoultry Nantwich (T)

Posted 22 days ago  to Poultry & Birds
cw5 7np, Cheshire

Point of lay pullets, day old chicks. Commercial Brown Hybrids, Copper Comets, dark brown egg layers, Blackrocks, Light Sussex and other coloured h...

Posted 22 days ago  to Poultry & Birds
S42 5HL, Derbyshire

SASSO COBB meat chickens, currently 4 week old and of heat.Reared on Hi Peak Organic Chick Starter crumb.Will make a 2 - 2.5kg at 12-14 weeks old.S...

Posted 24 days ago  to Hens
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